Wednesday, 1 March 2017

the weird west

for a couple of weeks (almost two years ago now), i stayed in a house with mosquitos and sand flies on a small stretch of road along the west coast. there, i made jam with blackberries picked from bushes covered in spider nests, and took swims in a river that always tried to swallow me whole. i felt close to earth but far from the world. there was no internet, no phone reception, and the total population? seven.

coco is from south america on a working holiday. when she saw the scenery she fell in love, and didn't bother travelling further. her visa was expiring and she hadn't met anyone she could marry (not my words). one afternoon she made empanadas for everyone and left quietly after. strangely, a swedish girl moved in the very next day, and the population remained unchanged.

fox has a degree in graphic design or something similarly urban, but upon graduation packed her bags and found herself here. she drives six hours to attend the nearest church every sunday, and tells me there's no other place she'd rather be. 'er, how about closer to church?' i ask. no she's fine here, she says. she's very righteous and nice, but i don't believe her.

lex is 17, or maybe 18, and was adopted from russia as a baby. he came here to learn how to hunt in the forests. when i asked him what his biggest fear is, he shares 'becoming what my adoptive parents expect of me, a violent alcoholic like my biological father.' i didn't know how to respond, and mentioned something about being adopted too. when i left he gave me a bullet shell.

sandy herded cattle, and his wife tended to their garden. sandra (sandy's mum) ran a farm, and her husband tended to their cars. they owned all the property stretching from the hills to the sea and often held dinners for their friends who would drive hours to visit.

anyway... that was weird, or just unfamiliar, peculiar, strange?