Sunday, 28 August 2011


when i put my hand on the back of my neck i can still feel the moroccan sun. it's red, dry, and feverishly hot. maybe i was sunburnt and that is my souvenir.

i took my camera out for only one day in morocco, to ourika valley. we climbed mountains to reach the waterfall, where locals and tourists cooled down and danced around. there was an incredibly adorable boy (in the purple t-shirt and smile) who completely stole my heart, we talked in minimal english and french, which was token to the point where i still don't know whether he is from france or the netherlands. i think he said he was seven. on the bus ride back to the city he moved his baba's bag so he could sit next to me across the aisle, my heart pretty much melted.

marrakech is full of people and travellers, the food is delicious and cheap. i really liked bread rolls with fillings of egg, rice, and olives and onions, they are so good to eat for supper. breakfast was amazing and i really can't begin to describe what i ate every morning because i might break down and cry at its awesomeness. there was also a stand by a busy street that sold the thickest smoothies, blended from lots of fruit and little milk, it would come in a huge dirty jug, but no one minded, because it would be the yummiest thing you have ever tasted, and only 50 cents.

i guess that's it, you can tell these people live on very little, but their hearts are far from small. that's what i loved most about this place. other's happiness became my own, and the place calmed me.

on my last morning, i climbed the stairs to the roof of the riad and nestled myself on a sofa under the open air, it was dark but stars decorated the sky, in the distance the koutoubia mosque shone and blanketed the medina in a thin layer of golden light. i wanted to freeze time in this ancient red city. i was so far away from all i knew, i began forgetting things.

when i was a child i moved around a lot, at least once a year, to a new city always, and before going i would cry to the people i am leaving, why are you sending me away. but when you are young, you grow and flourish where ever you are planted. whenever i would arrive at my next destination, i would talk the way these new strangers did, forgetting the old dialect i spoke in, play the same games these new friends did, and forget the names of those i spent months with.

you create a new future because it is the innate way for you to survive, and you begin to forget life before hand, as if life had only begun in this new place. that was how morocco was starting to make me feel, it captivated me, and i had spent so much time being immersed in another world that priorities began unconsciously shuffling.

but i couldn't freeze time. the moon was soon pushed away by the rising sun, and i headed downstairs to leave.

now it is all just a warm memory in my mind, and i hope dearly it stays.


love: it is a feeling people cannot live without
it is beautiful and attractive
if you are stressed:
people should choose a simple way to express it