Thursday, 30 April 2009

we passed some road kill on our way to venus

you know when you live in the city for a certain time, you forget life outside, you forget how ethereal everything is without cement or concrete. you forget a place of never ending plains, deep forests, and clear skies painted in the realest of blues. somehow this reminded me of when i went to central australia. on my first night there, i looked up at the sky and fell into this melodic state. never in my life have i seen so many stars, they just looked like galaxies layered on top of each other. pretty much amazing.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


what is your current obsession?
surgical masks. i want a really fashionable one that can be a scarf and hat at the same time.

why is today special?

today is anti special. first i missed the train. then the next train after was delayed. i get to school and my hard drive stops working. now i'm going to go buy some soup and i'd be lucky if i don't die from third degree burns.

what would you like to learn to do?


what are you listening to right now?
kevjumba rant about asians not being cool enough to get the lead part in the new dragon ball movie.

what would you like to have in your hands right now?
a magic lamp with a genie inside that will grant me three wishes.

fashion pet peeve?
fluro colours, you're not a glow stick, and your occupation isn't to blind people.

any favorite models?
zippora seven for heaven.

which language do you want to learn?

if you could have a house totally paid for anywhere in the world, where would it to be?
on a floating island up in the air, it basically just floats, similar to the moving castle in spirited away. only this one isn't haunted by scary anime characters. if not i'll settle for something in wanchai hk.

what’s the last thing you bought?
two copies of the may june russh.

describe your personal style?
after months of soul searching, or style searching to be more exact. i conclude with no style.

Friday, 17 April 2009

dance dance dance

some people dance with their eyes closed.

some dance the same way whatever the music, some have set dance moves.

others don't dance, or won't dance if they do not know the song.

some people only dance with their hands.

some boys only dance with girls.

some only dance if they can sing the words.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

so many songs we've forgot to play

life is so delicate, you close your eyes, you wake up, a day has passed. you close your eyes, you don't wake up, a life time has passed. i just don't want to miss out on any adventures that couldn't happen today... but oh the irony! is that i am because instead of playing hopscotch outside i'm sitting in front of a computer killing my eye sight and developing a brain tumor from electronic radiation.