Friday, 19 December 2008

pondering till the break of dawn

i feel really hollow today, not like, a pringles can after i've ate everything, but uncertainty. however on second thoughts after glancing at the time, 2:07AM on a saturday morning, it's probably what happens when i don't go out on a friday night, i'm left to ponder until saturday morning about less important things like life, what bark on a tree is made out of, and what i should wear that's appropriate for church on the coming sunday.

guess the logical thing to do is going to sleep. fyi, i don't think about what i wear to church on a sunday morning *cough*. but on the topic of fashion, not that we were, but now that i have mentioned it, i fail to comprehend how some people treat fashion like they're wiping out third world debts or something (if only). and to quote the great alexander mcqueen, 'it's only fashion, it's not fucking cancer, is it?' okay bed time!

puss puss.


  1. I love pondering the less important things in life.

  2. fashion is a cancer and its killing us allllll!


    yeah, i'm probably gonna do the exact same thing tonight, pondering about life because of so much time. i'm stuck inside on a friday night because of all the snow. ):


    and HAHH ! i just noticed, pringle cans ARE really really hollow after eating all the delish chips. okay that was some stupid comment.

  4. I love those pictures tons. And yes- SLEEP IS THE ANSWER.

  5. those photos are beautiful. do sleep! :)

  6. "it's only fashion, it's not it's fucking cancer, is it?" hahaha.

    supre freaks me out. i did find one or two things that were worth their price tag or 10 dollars though. other than those finds, i pretty much feel the same way about supre as you do.

    ohhh i think i know who you mean..Taka from Little red right? Yer I thought he was mega cute too. He fell off his chair while beating sticks? that sounds hilarious!

  7. Yeah, I still think fashion blows. People are stuck buying clothes they constantly don't need because they think it can "better themselves." I've seriously thought about my wardrobe right now and I think I can almost go through the whole rest of my life with what I've got.

    Though, I still like to dress good every now and again, too. |:]

    Okay ... I'm a sucker sometimes, too.


  8. Okay, I just re-read what that said and it sounds funny. I really need to start using the preview button.

  9. well i'm feeling pretty uncertain and hollow today too, and it's 1:47 am on a saturday morning, weird huhh?

  10. aw earthquake
    pretty pictures :)
    and there's nothing wrong with pondering life

  11. I love your blog,
    the pictures are beautiful

  12. haha. holidays do create reverse sleeping patterns after all.

    hahah, but everyone likes fashion. If they dont, just ask them why they chose the floral couch over the leather one. its purpose is practically the same.

  13. fashion is killing us! that's out of question ha ha ha :D

  14. love the photos. I guess some people are just overly obssessed but i kind of envy that. i wish i could pinpoint exactly what i want to do about life.
    wow you caused quite a stir ahaha, pondering is always fun isnt it?

  15. Gorgeous photo! My boyf always say I tihnk too much for my own good..

  16. 1. I love the quote by A.Mc
    2. Total dork moment right now, but bark is made of lignin. It's part of the secondary growth of plant cells. Oh botany class. Sounds boring, but it taught me that vodka was made out of potatoes. WHAT THE HELL!?


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