Monday, 24 November 2008

i am going to buy a piece of paper

last week, i was watching this really over dramatic taiwanese drama from the nineties where everyone speaks in proverbs and do amazing sword tricks you shouldn't try at home. trust me on that it's from experience. anyway amongst my attempt at learning chinese i understood something and it really stuck out, someone in it mentioned, in a really reflective, philosophical, deep, i-have-a-beard-and-i'm-a-hundred-and-fifty-years-old way: there are two kinds of people in this world, people who create stories, and people who witness them.

i keep thinking about that. that and how i'm never going to be able to pronounce the 'rr' sound in spanish.

i just can't do that tongue thing.


  1. Anonymous08:04

    Hi! i just read ur post! and it was quite funny and kinda true at the same time, u have an extraordinay vision of every single thing and every single moment of your life, and u stop to enjoy that. i guess that i admire that part of you...u r really creative and funny...i see that u luv polaroids cameras and that reminds me of my past, when my mum used to take pictures with that kind of, just a strange who admires ur vision of life..

  2. I remember that quote, but it was on a website of a girl who stole my writing. I never knew where it came from, though. I suppose it is true. There are those who create stories, and those who witness them; the same could be said of history. Those who make history, those who witness it. It's simple but applicable to any time period.

    ...and what do you mean the life saving medicine isn't real? Drat. And here I thought I could heal the world...and stuff.

  3. Oh my goodness, so i actually witness AND create stories! So what does that make me? Or does that make me a creator of stories I witness.

    by the by, I saw twilight sunday against my will, but I really liked the movie. I remember last year, 8th grade when I was like OH TWILIGHT SO STUPID UGH OVERRATED but i am obessed.

  4. i can't make the double r sound either,& i'm in spanish 3, well at least i'm not alone :P

  5. i absolutely love your blogs. truly lovely. i love the quote you mentioned. really made me think about stuff and life...

  6. wooo wicked shot
    and love the proverb

    that was deeeeeeep

  7. suh-weet boots.
    they're like combat ready.

    : D

    ha, interesting movie, btw.
    and now, all i'm going to think about it that proverb.
    something to think about while taking the subway home.

  8. i've been taking spanish since i was nine, so i feel your pain with the double r thing. i just learned how to do it last year. try making the sound in the back of your throat. that's how i got myself to finally trill my tongue.

  9. I can't make the "rr" sound in Spanish either,
    and my wretched Spanish teacher marked me off 15 points on my oral test because of that one little sound.

  10. lol chinese is so difficult to learn
    i never understand the old movies but i know they're good
    even though ones where everyone dies... haha
    but yeah there are so many proverbs that are so wise... that i never understand

  11. hahaha i don't think my desk will ever be that tidy.
    oh those overly dramatic asian period type dramas are so draining. but I do love the fight scenes.


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