Saturday, 11 October 2008

the only boy from bohemia

my baba use to take me kite flying every sunday. this was when i was six and we lived by the sea (it's starting to sound cliche, but we did!). because he'd be busy all week at work, we'd spend sundays together. we'd go to church in the morning, then afterwards he'd take me to the amusement park. there were two opposite each other, and we'd rotate which one depending on the week. one of those days we went into a kite shop newly set up outside. i picked out a kite with the image of a phoenix. from then on we'd fly the kite every sunday afternoon on the roof top of our building.

then i turned seven and moved north to live with my grandparents. the kite broke. and we haven't really flew any kites together since. but everytime i see a kite i remember those times.