Friday, 24 October 2008

could the world make any more sense

early in the week, my dad was eating lunch with some colleagues at a restaurant. as he sat down, directly opposite on another table sat someone glancing at him — not because the other guy was creepy, but their tables faced each other. my dad thought for a moment, 'that guy looks awfully familiar', but brushes the idea off of knowing him and starts lunch.

as he finishes his food the guy comes up to him, and asks whether he is from insert university where they both did their masters degree, and BAM! my dad replies are you insert name and things began to unravel... they did the same masters degree back in the 80s and the last time they saw each other was in 88. in 92 this guy went to london and my dad in 94 moved to new zealand.

who knew that 20 years later they'd meet again, sitting opposite each other at a restaurant half way across the freaking world! story of their lives much? maybe the world does go around.


  1. oh the magic of serendipity
    nothing of that sort has happened to me but i'm sure it must be amazing to bump into someone after so long
    20 years... is ridiculously long hah

  2. what a wonderful story! I have the same dream where i bump into fellow collegues eons from now. Its almost like the universe is telling you something there... ;)

    Hope your weekends starting swell hun :D

  3. That's epic, it reminds me of some 80s movie.

  4. I love your blog. it's amazing

  5. you are my inspirationnnnn LOVE YOUR PICTURES AND ERRRR'THANGG

  6. thats so awesome.

    I hope that happens to me with a few people Ive met in europe before.

    your WHAM reference made me chuckle

  7. i love the sunset! and it soo confirms the old adage: "its a small world.."

  8. That's awsome.
    I hope that happens to me some day.

    Haha. My friend went to France last summer with her mom and sister, and they were at a small coffee shop when practically the same thing happened to her. She ran into her best childhood friend she hadn't seen in over 10 years, and her mom used to be really close with her mom, they had been practcally sisters. And then she bumpted into at least 5 other people (I think more) she knew. Seriously, how many people can you bump into in a few weeks in Frrance? Aparently, many.

  9. I read your post the other day, and its been on my mind ever since. Oh, and I tagged you. Happy tagging!

  10. suchhh a gorgeous picture!

    I love stories like that *sigh


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