Friday, 25 July 2008

something's breaking up

i don't believe i'm recovering too well from this cold. it's probably the accumulation of travelling, tiredness, conrete accomadation, winter, and the red coloured furniture in my room.

i'm trying to find ways of dealing with this. (symptoms for a cold often include: sore throat, blocked nose, constant coughing, constantly sounding like you're breathing your last breath when coughing, and taking forever to answer a question because you are wondering whether at that precise moment you are breathing through one or two nostrils.) what was i saying? oh yeah ways of dealing with a cold.

1) going out into 12 degrees weather wearing a bohemian dress* 2) not taking any medication or drinking water, only hot chocolate loaded with chocolate* 3) thinking you'll get better tomorrow if you just pretend to feel better, some things are just psychological*

*none of these seem to have worked as a way of dealing with a cold, which i think is why i'm still sick.

my intelligence baffles many.