Thursday, 29 October 2015

days of being (in the) wild

my soul left hong kong two years ago but it still often comes up in conversation, usually with me saying 'yeah it was crazy' without further explanation followed by a credit length run of [uncomfortable laughter and/or short spasms] as the person i'm talking to tries to figure out if i'm sincere or deranged. tell me this isn't crazy:
  • working 48 hours straight, finally breaking down at 3am and hailing a cab home in tears. only to repeat the same thing the next deadline. worst is when you try to find solace in others they will out-work you like 'well i worked 118 hours this week/haven't eaten since monday/fucked up a billion dollar sale' not even kidding.
  • hiking to the infinity pool in man cheung po, it was crazy/beautiful.
  • walking into a $$$ drug deal and the buyer pretending i was his friend so the dealer wouldn't murder me. juan de ablo (the fake name juan de ablo who clearly looked more like a 'dante' or 'levi' gave) probably wouldn't have murdered me because he also carried pizza deliveries on his vespa. people with vespas take you on romantic dates through the cobblestones of rome before convincing you to take the place of their singing collaborator at the italian music awards and despite what was sabotage, helps you actualise the confidence you have within.
  • going to all the concerts phoenix/jamesblake/justin bieber/every other musician who landed in hong kong because one of my greatest friends was always given free tickets by his superiors to compensate how little he was paid for his actual job.
  • being genuinely joyful and laughing on shoots with diane von fursteberg, olivier rousting, and other super inspirations i met.
  • allowing a girl i crossed paths with once to crash at my apartment for the night. she ended up staying for four days, taking my headphones and a few hundred dollars when she reluctantly left. months later police call in and i find out she's a homeless runaway amongst other things (terrible things) (terrible terrible terrible things).
  • have you ever been to mongkok on a saturday? 'yeah, crrrrrrrrazy.'
  • falling sick for three months.
  • spending several consecutive days on a yacht with a friend island hopping. it was like groundhog day, some days we picked up his acquaintances at central pier but would do the exact same things, visit the same places, eat the same food, at the same time. lots of writers and investors talking scripts and real estate, and when they didn't have anything else to say they would ask me if i have ever thought about dating someone the age of my dad and being able to travel wherever i want without financial worry. which prompted me to throw up overboard and give an answer at the same time.
  • rats and cockroaches everywhere/running over your feet most days.
  • being cyber bullied by a then 28-year-old kindergarten teacher who majored in psychology or something that makes you think she isn't bat shit insane. she thought i was 18/stealing her man/a regular at the tazman ballroom. i've never met her. i got messages from her through every channel on the internet. who cyber bullies someone 10 years younger than them? who cyber bullies aimee??? i pick up rubbish at the beach and eat rice??? i'm just a kid??? this experience was so traumatizing i couldn't stomach anything for days.
  • have you seen pictures of hong kong?
  • chilling with michelin star chefs and making food for them after they fed me some of the most amazing wonders on earth.
  • i was playing basketball (crazy!). i tripped (crazier!). my knee got hurt (crazy!). then infected (crazier!). i ended up going to hospital a week later, chauffeured in a maybach belonging to a stranger who heard from the restaurant table next to mine that my knee was purple and gold and starting to accumulate moss-like substance. he came after my friend and i as we left halfway through the meal, 'you should take my car' and signaled for his driver to pull up in front of us before disappearing behind the noren.
unless this happens to everyone and i'm just a wide-eyed country bumpkin who's simple and plain and loves Jesus and thinks this is crazy.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Friday, 15 May 2015

everything is embarrassing

the light in new zealand is way harsher than new york, i overexposed three film rolls in a row. moving here from there is like having been in a deep asleep, only to wake up with the sun beaming through your windows. the light is blinding. the nearest person is 5 km away. [the x-files theme plays.]

Monday, 9 March 2015

sucre #3

thank you angela and sophie for the cover and interview. this issue is filled with talent and etherealness you want to leaf through for days!

Friday, 30 January 2015

winter blues


nora: i'm freezing today.

me: maybe you need a bigger coat.

nora: no, i need more body fat.

me: how did you end up in new york city?

nora: i came here as a tourist and fell in love with the city from the first second. i went back to hong kong, packed all my life and decided to move here. my plan was to sign with an agency and 'make it' here. so i flew all the way with my most precious outfits and big dreams. after 15 hours flight, i got stopped at the border, was kept at the airport cell for 24 hours and sent back to hong kong and given a 10-year ban from the US. i still don't really understand the reason, but I guess i wasn't allowed to even be looking for work with a tourist visa. it was all very dramatic, but made me want to be here even more. i went through quite a lot, but finally still managed to get a visa. they will not get me out of here now.

me: so, the usual.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Friday, 7 November 2014

south korea: school, suicide, surgery

(published 2012)

thank you emma (my favourite lead paragraph writer) for scanning this. we did this interview together in australia over skype (which is never recommended because the call may drop any time thanks to ancient broadband, plus my parents live in the bush). i really wanted to share this and the last interview with you. i would love to hear your thoughts and/or insights.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

heart of a lion

(published 2012)

you can find cabra missions on facebook. i'm always moved by the work they muscle. deng is one of the most humble, down to earth, and joyful souls i have ever met. if you're in high school, please keep them in mind for your school fundraisers; prayers would be equally wonderful.

Thursday, 30 October 2014